What is the cheapest means to go gorilla trekking?

What is the cheapest means to go gorilla trekking?

Cheapest Gorilla Trekking Means – Gorilla trekking ranks high on the bucket list for numerous travelers, yet its costliness, attributed to permit fees, accommodation, and transportation expenses, can be daunting. Nevertheless, there exist strategies to render this experience more budget-friendly.

Choose Off-Peak Seasons

Investigate the optimal times to visit for lower permit prices. Off-peak seasons often offer reduced rates compared to peak times when demand is higher. Booking during these periods can yield significant savings.

Visit Uganda or Rwanda

While both countries offer remarkable gorilla trekking experiences, Rwanda’s permit fees are typically higher than Uganda’s. Opting for Uganda can be a more economical choice without compromising the quality of your experience.

Join a Group Tour

Group tours frequently provide discounted rates as costs are shared among participants. By joining a group, you can divide expenses like transportation, accommodation, and guide fees, resulting in considerable savings compared to solo or private tours.

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Book in Advance

Gorilla trekking permits are limited, and prices may rise as availability decreases. Secure your permits well ahead of time to lock in lower prices and guarantee availability, thus avoiding potential last-minute price hikes.

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Consider Budget Accommodation

Explore budget-friendly lodging options near gorilla trekking sites. While luxury lodges offer comfort, budget accommodations such as guesthouses, hostels, or camping grounds can substantially reduce expenses without compromising on convenience.

Choose a Nearby Gorilla Group

Research the various gorilla families and select one situated closer to park entrances. This choice minimizes transportation costs and time required for trekking, contributing to overall cost savings.

Negotiate Package Deals

Some tour operators or lodges may offer inclusive packages comprising permits, accommodation, meals, and transportation at discounted rates. Negotiate with different providers to secure the most favorable package deal that aligns with your budget.

Travel Independently

If you’re adept at planning and navigating, consider organizing your gorilla trekking trip independently. By directly arranging transportation, accommodation, and permits, you can bypass agency fees and potentially save a substantial amount of money.

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Though gorilla trekking may require a substantial investment, applying these money-saving tactics can render this extraordinary experience more accessible without sacrificing the excellence of your adventure.


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