Watching Wildlife on an African Walking Safari

Watching Wildlife on an African Walking Safari


Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to enjoy a variety of wildlife-watching experiences during safaris in Africa. From exploring national parks in rugged 4WD vehicles to relaxing on the bench seats of safari trucks and motorboats, I’ve immersed myself in the diverse habitats and ecosystems of the continent.

One unforgettable experience stands out in my memory: soaring high above Victoria Falls in an ultralight aircraft—a sensation akin to sitting in a flying armchair. Yet, some of my most cherished moments have occurred when I stepped away from the safety of the windshield and ventured into the heart of the African bush on foot during walking safaris.

Walking With Wildlife and Nature


The concept behind a walking safari is simple yet exhilarating. Accompanied by knowledgeable guides who possess an intimate understanding of the area and its wildlife, small groups of adventurers venture into the bush. These guides, familiar with the habits of local wildlife as if they were old friends, ensure a safe and informative experience. As a precaution, at least one of the guides will carry a weapon, ready to intervene should an animal display excessive curiosity towards the group.

While there’s an inherent risk in exploring the territory of wild animals, such incidents are exceedingly rare. Walking safaris offer a range of durations, from a few hours to several days, with some journeys spanning from one camp to another. Regardless of duration, the ultimate goal remains the same: to provide participants with the opportunity to observe wildlife up close in its natural habitat, fostering unforgettable and immersive encounters with Africa’s incredible biodiversity.

There are a couple of straightforward rules to adhere to during walking safaris, with the most crucial being to follow your guides’ instructions—they’re the experts and are in charge of your safety. Walking in single file is also essential, as it enables your guides to efficiently monitor and guide the group.

Maintaining minimal noise levels is imperative to avoid startling or provoking the wildlife. This means refraining from exuberant cheers upon spotting distant cheetahs or sudden shrieks upon realizing a lion is nearby. Even in the unlikely event of encountering a predator in a less-than-friendly mood, remaining calm is paramount. As the old safari adage goes, acting like prey, such as attempting to flee, may inadvertently trigger a predatory response.


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