Internship At Uganda Wildlife Authority

Internship At Uganda Wildlife Authority

Established in 1996, the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) is a governmental body tasked with the conservation of wildlife across Uganda. Affiliated with the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife, and Antiquities, UWA collaborates with various institutions to promote and sustain tourism while safeguarding the country’s wildlife heritage. UWA’s primary mandate is the management and conservation of wildlife within and outside Uganda’s protected areas. This includes overseeing ten national parks, twelve wildlife reserves, and thirteen wildlife sanctuaries, as well as providing guidance to five community wildlife management areas. Notable parks under UWA’s jurisdiction include Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth, Bwindi Impenetrable, and Kidepo. Through its efforts, UWA has significantly contributed to the success of Uganda safaris, ensuring the abundance of wildlife for visitors to enjoy.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority has actively engaged in promoting tourism in Uganda.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority oversees and supervises park activities, recruiting, training, and employing skilled individuals to ensure smooth operations. Various departments within UWA are tasked with specific roles, collectively striving to deliver excellent services to tour operators and tourists.

Additionally, UWA establishes and regulates prices for park activities, with a significant portion of the revenue allocated towards conservation efforts to sustain wildlife populations and bolster tourism. For instance, gorilla trekking permits command higher fees due to the endangered status of gorillas, necessitating intensive research and protection measures. Similarly, fees for lion tracking contribute to carnivore research initiatives.

Moreover, UWA promotes public engagement in wildlife conservation, fostering a collaborative approach to protect park ecosystems and mitigate threats such as habitat destruction. Through Community Conservation Programs, local communities are encouraged to actively participate in conservation efforts, leading to improved conservation outcomes and socioeconomic development, ultimately aiming to alleviate poverty.

Uganda Wildlife Authority has diversified activities across different destinations to enhance tourist experiences. For instance, initiatives like lion tracking in Queen Elizabeth National Park, the Batwa trail experience, hiking to the top of Murchison Falls, and the introduction of hot air balloon rides in Murchison National Park provide tourists with a range of engaging activities beyond wildlife viewing. These additions enrich visitors’ African safari experiences in Uganda.

Furthermore, UWA actively markets Uganda’s wildlife destinations through various channels, including online platforms, brochures, and social media, to attract visitors from around the globe.

The authority is committed to protecting Uganda’s endangered, endemic, and rare wildlife species by implementing wildlife policies, supporting research, and promoting best management practices. Strict policies and laws are enforced to safeguard all animals.

In partnership with RhinoFund Uganda, UWA has successfully reintroduced rhinos to Uganda after years of extinction. Visitors can track these majestic creatures at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, either as an independent activity or as part of their Murchison Falls safari. This collaborative effort contributes to wildlife conservation and enhances tourism opportunities in Uganda.


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