How Much Is Hiring A Safari Tent In Uganda?

How Much Is Hiring A Safari Tent In Uganda?

Uganda is emerging as a sought-after tourism destination, yet there’s a scarcity of high-quality hotels to meet the surging demand. During peak seasons (July – Sept, Dec – Feb), it’s imperative to secure car rentals and accommodations well in advance to ensure a smooth travel experience.

At Kenlink Tours, all our safari vehicles available for rent in Uganda can be customized into fully equipped 4×4 camper vehicles. Explore our range of camping gear for hire at Kenlink Tours, where we offer insights on setting up rooftop tents and essential packing tips. Let Kenlink Tours be your trusted companion as you embark on an unforgettable camping adventure, ensuring seamless arrangements and memorable moments throughout your journey.

How Much Is A Safari Tent In Uganda?

1-5pcsUSD15 @
6-10PcsUSD12 @
11-25pcsUSD10 @
26pcs or moreUSD 9 @

What to take on safari – ground tent or rooftop tent?

Did you know that Kenlink Tours also offers ground tents for rent? When deciding between equipping your camper vehicle with a rooftop tent or a dome tent, it’s essential to consider the advantages and disadvantages, as well as your personal preferences.

The pros & cons of a rooftop tent: A rooftop tent provides the convenience of sleeping off the ground, which is beneficial on uneven or wet terrain. Many campers also prefer rooftop tents in wilderness areas for added distance from nocturnal wildlife, although it’s essential to note that ground tents properly zipped up can be equally safe. Perception of safety may influence your choice as well.


  • Increased sense of security, particularly in game parks, although many privately owned campsites outside safari parks offer stunning scenery.


  • You must pack up the rooftop tent each time you want to use your vehicle.
  • Renting a camp gear set with a rooftop tent is more expensive than a ground tent and typically requires a Toyota Landcruiser or Hilux rental.
  • Consider your mobility; accessing a rooftop tent via a stepladder may be challenging for less agile individuals.


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