Gorilla Trekking In Rwanda From Bujumbura Burundi

Gorilla Trekking In Rwanda From Bujumbura Burundi

Gorilla Trekking from Burundi – Embarking on a 6-day gorilla trekking adventure from Bujumbura, Burundi, to Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda offers an incredible opportunity to witness mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. Combining this experience with a tour of Kigali and optional activities enhances the journey, providing a well-rounded exploration of East Africa’s beauty and culture.

Day 1: Arrival in Bujumbura

Upon arrival in Bujumbura, travelers are welcomed by their guide and transferred to their accommodations. Depending on the time of arrival, travelers may have the opportunity to explore Bujumbura’s attractions, such as Lake Tanganyika or Rusizi National Park.

Day 2: Transfer to Kigali and City Tour

After breakfast, travelers depart from Bujumbura and journey to Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda. Upon arrival, they embark on a guided city tour, visiting landmarks such as the Kigali Genocide Memorial, Kigali Convention Centre, and local markets. The tour offers insights into Rwanda’s history, culture, and resilience.

Day 3: Transfer to Volcanoes National Park

In the morning, travelers depart from Kigali and travel to Volcanoes National Park, located in the Virunga Mountains. Upon arrival, they check into their accommodations and have the rest of the day to relax and prepare for the upcoming gorilla trekking adventure.

Day 4: Gorilla Trekking

The highlight of the trip, travelers embark on a gorilla trekking expedition in Volcanoes National Park. Led by experienced guides, they hike through the forest in search of a gorilla family. Upon finding them, travelers spend an hour observing these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat, an experience that is both humbling and exhilarating. After the trek, travelers return to their accommodations for rest and relaxation.

Day 5: Optional Activities

With one gorilla trekking activity already completed, travelers have the option to participate in additional activities or explore the area further. Optional activities may include:

  • Golden Monkey Trekking: Embark on a trek to encounter golden monkeys, another rare primate species found in Volcanoes National Park. This experience offers insights into the diverse wildlife of the region and allows travelers to contribute to conservation efforts.
  • Cultural Village Visit: Explore local communities and immerse yourself in Rwandan culture through visits to nearby villages. Interact with residents, learn about traditional customs and crafts, and gain a deeper understanding of daily life in rural Rwanda.
  • Nature Walks: Take leisurely walks through the surrounding forests and enjoy the beauty of the natural landscapes. Guided nature walks offer opportunities to spot birds, butterflies, and other wildlife while enjoying the tranquility of the forest.

Day 6: Departure

On the final day of the journey, travelers bid farewell to Volcanoes National Park and begin their journey back to Bujumbura. As they reflect on their gorilla trekking adventure and time spent in Kigali, travelers are filled with memories of unforgettable experiences and meaningful connections made along the way.

Why Gorilla Trekking In Rwanda?

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda offers a transformative and awe-inspiring wildlife experience. Rwanda is home to the iconic Volcanoes National Park, where visitors have the rare opportunity to encounter endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. The lush forests of the Virunga Mountains provide a stunning backdrop for trekking adventures, while the chance to observe these majestic primates up close is a truly unforgettable and humbling experience. Rwanda’s commitment to conservation and sustainable tourism ensures the protection of gorilla habitats and the well-being of these remarkable creatures. With expert guides, strict regulations, and a limited number of permits available each day, gorilla trekking in Rwanda offers a responsible and respectful way to connect with nature and support conservation efforts.

Why Gorilla Trekking From Rwanda With Kenlink Tours?

Gorilla trekking from Rwanda with Kenlink Tours offers a combination of expertise, personalized service, and ethical practices that make it an exceptional choice. With experienced guides who are experts in gorilla behavior and conservation, travelers receive valuable insights and ensure the safety of both visitors and gorillas. Kenlink Tours prioritizes personalized service, tailoring each itinerary to meet individual preferences and needs. We also adhere to strict ethical and sustainable practices, minimizing impact on gorilla habitats and supporting local conservation efforts. With small group sizes, travelers enjoy an intimate and immersive experience while contributing directly to conservation. Our reputation and commitment to excellence ensure a memorable and responsible gorilla trekking adventure in Rwanda.



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