Gaddafi Mosque Kampala I Uganda National Mosque

Gaddafi Mosque Kampala I Uganda National Mosque

Location And History

Situated in the heart of Kampala, the Gaddafi Mosque stands as a prominent religious landmark in Uganda. Named after the late Libyan President, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, this state-of-the-art mosque was generously gifted to the Ugandan Islamic community by Gaddafi himself. Originally initiated by the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council in 1972, the mosque was initially known as the Old Kampala National Mosque. The Uganda Muslim Supreme Council, entrusted with overseeing all Islamic affairs, properties, and institutions within the country, played a pivotal role in the mosque’s construction. Today, the Gaddafi Mosque serves as a symbol of unity and reverence for the Islamic community in Uganda.


Construction of the mosque halted abruptly in 1976, remaining dormant for many years. Mufti Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubuye seized an opportunity during Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s visit to Uganda in 2001, appealing for assistance to complete the mosque. Gaddafi graciously agreed, and construction resumed in 2006. A fusion of Arabic, European, and African architectural styles characterized the mosque’s design. Completed in 2007, Gaddafi returned to Uganda to inaugurate the mosque. In gratitude, the Ugandan Muslim community chose to rename the mosque in honor of Gaddafi’s pivotal role in its completion.

Renamed the Uganda National Mosque due to its architectural and religious significance, it serves as the headquarters of the Islamic community in Uganda, housing the offices of the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council. Towering over Kampala Hill, one of the capital’s seven major hills, the mosque’s strategic location in the heart of Kampala city ensures accessibility from all directions, making it a premier attraction. Its elevated position and towering minaret give it a commanding presence visible from every corner of the city, further solidifying its status as an iconic landmark in Kampala.

Gaddafi Mosque in Uganda – Location, Entrance Fees and Opening Hours

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As the largest mosque in East Africa and the second-largest on the continent after Morocco’s King Hassan Mosque in Casablanca, the Gaddafi Mosque spans nearly 10 acres of land. The mosque is a two-story structure, with the ground floor housing various offices including those of the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council and the Uganda Mufti. The upper level serves as the main prayer hall. Additionally, the Uganda National Mosque complex features amenities such as a conference hall, a university college, a library, and a radio station, providing a multifaceted hub for religious, educational, and community activities within its premises.

The Gaddafi Mosque boasts an impressive capacity to host up to 200,000 worshipers, with accommodations including space for 15,000 individuals in the main prayer hall, 3,500 on the terrace, 1,100 in the gallery, and the remainder in the expansive gardens. Throughout the year, tourists flock to the mosque to admire its intricate artistry, architecture, and embroidery. Many visitors are drawn to the mosque for its panoramic views of Kampala city, offering one of the best vantage points in the area. Guided tours of the facility provide insights into its rich history and significance. Climbing the minaret, where the Muezzin calls for prayers, is a highlight of any visit, offering unparalleled vistas of Kampala cityscape.


The Gaddafi Mosque welcomes worshippers for prayers on Fridays and special occasions such as Iddi celebrations and weddings. Additionally, it is open to tourists every day.

For international visitors, the entrance fee to the Gaddafi Mosque in Uganda is $5 USD or 15,000 Uganda Shillings, while nationals pay 10,000 Uganda Shillings. Students are charged between 1,000 to 5,000 Shillings based on their educational level.

The Uganda National Mosque embraces individuals from all cultural, religious, and political backgrounds. Visitors are required to dress modestly to show respect for the place of worship. Women must wear loose-fitting clothing that covers their entire body and a veil while inside the mosque. Veils are available free of charge at the front office and must be returned before leaving. Men are expected to wear trousers and shirts with full-length sleeves. Additionally, all visitors are asked to remove their footwear before entering the mosque premises as a sign of reverence for the sacred space.

In summary, the Uganda National Mosque, formerly known as the Gaddafi Mosque, is a must-visit destination. Whether you seek to attend prayers, enjoy stunning views of Kampala, or learn about Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s legacy, the mosque offers a welcoming atmosphere year-round. Open to all who adhere to its guidelines, visitors can explore this iconic landmark at their convenience. For accommodations, numerous hotels and cottages within the city center provide convenient lodging options for visitors to Kampala.


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