Cost Of A Safari In Kruger National Park

Cost Of A Safari In Kruger National Park

Cost Of A Safari In Kruger National Park – Holidaymakers visiting South Africa’s Kruger National Park have three primary options for experiencing its rich wildlife diversity and unique scenery. They can embark on an organized safari through a tour agent, opt for a self-drive safari, or choose to stay at one of the lodges within a private game reserve.

Factors influencing the cost of a safari in Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park offers a diverse range of accommodation options to suit every type of traveler. Prices vary depending on the level of comfort provided by each facility, ranging from basic camping or tented accommodations to guest houses, standard hotels, safari cottages, and luxurious amenities available at private game lodges.

The following table illustrates the average costs of various accommodations in Kruger National Park:

 CategoryLow SeasonShoulder SeasonPeak Season
 Kruger camping safari costR300$19R300$19R408$25
 Kruger Budget accommodationR1310$80R1310$80R1550$95
 Kruger Mid-range AccommodationR3035$185R3035$185R3600$220
 Kruger Luxury Safari AccommodationR8425$515R8425$515R9800$600

Visitors to Kruger National Park are obligated to pay a compulsory conservation fee, which remains valid for 24 hours. The fee varies based on the visitor’s citizenship or residency status, as outlined in the table below:

  price the person per day
1.South African resident citizen$4$7
2.South African development community Nationals$7$14
3.foreign visitors$14


Kruger National Park provides several entry gates for visitors to access the park. It is strongly recommended to use the gate closest to your accommodation or intended stay location. The opening and closing times of the gates vary depending on the season, as indicated below:

1.November to January4:30 a.m.
2.February to March5:30 a.m.
3.April to September6 a.m.
4.October5:30 a.m.

The pricing for safari activities within Kruger National Park, South Africa varies.

One of the most prominent safari activities within Kruger National Park is game viewing, primarily conducted through thrilling game drives across the park’s stunning terrain. The cost of a game drive varies depending on the type of vehicle used and the service provider. Game drives typically last for about 4 hours and can be conducted throughout the day, including early morning/sunrise, mid-morning, sunset/evening, and night drives. Opting for an experienced safari guide enhances the experience but may incur additional costs. For budget-conscious travelers, self-drive game drives are also popular. It’s advisable to purchase a map and guidebook for Kruger National Park, which typically costs around $10 or R160.

Table showing cost of Activities conducted in Kruger National Park

 ActivityWhere ConductedAdult rateChild Rate
1.Early /Sunrise Game driveCrocodile Bridge Gate



R 446R 223
Pretoriuskop, Bateleur, Shingwedzi, Berg-En-Dal, Skukuza, Letaba, Shimuwini, Lower Sabie, Satara, Olifants, Punda


Maria, Orpen Camp

R 346R 173
2.Sunset DriveCrocodile Bridge GateR 446R 223



Mopani, Olifants, Talamati, Bateleur, Skukuza, Berg-En-Dal, Shingwedzi, Biyamiti, Shimuwini, Crocodile Bridge


Camp, Satara, Punda Maria, Letaba, Pretoriuskop, Lower Sabie, Orpen Camp

R 346R 173
3.Night DriveCrocodile Bridge GateR 370R 185
Shimuwini, Talamati, Bateleur, Sirheni,Punda MariaR 346R 173
Olifants, Skukuza, Letaba, Shingwedzi, Lower Sabie, Satara, Mopani



R 270R 135
4.Morning Walk



Crocodile Bridge GateR 700N/A
Olifants, Skukuza, Berg-En-Dal, Shingwedzi, Satara, Biyamiti, Mopani, Pretoriuskop, Letaba, Orpen Camp, Lower Sabie,




R 600N/A
5.Afternoon WalkSkukuza, LetabaR 480N/A
6.Mountain BikingPhalaborwa GateR795 to R1,095N/A
7.River WalkOlifantsR346N/A

Best Time to Visit Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park, one of Africa’s premier wildlife destinations, offers a captivating safari experience year-round. However, understanding the optimal time to visit can significantly enhance your adventure. In this guide, we’ll delve into the various factors influencing the best time to visit Kruger National Park, including weather conditions, tourist seasons, and safari options.

Peak Tourist Season: June to September

From June to September, Kruger National Park experiences the dry season, attracting the highest number of tourists. This period, known as the peak tourist season, offers excellent wildlife viewing opportunities as animals congregate around water sources. However, accommodation demand is high during this time, resulting in elevated safari costs. Budget-conscious travelers are advised to avoid visiting during the peak season, as well as during the Christmas holidays, to mitigate expenses.

Accommodation Costs and Availability

The availability and cost of accommodation within Kruger National Park vary depending on the season. During the peak tourist season, accommodation demand is at its highest, leading to inflated prices. Conversely, visiting during the shoulder or low seasons may offer more affordable accommodation options. Referencing the provided table comparing accommodation costs in different seasons can help travelers plan their visit accordingly.

Cost of Meals

The cost of meals within Kruger National Park depends on the type of safari experience chosen. Travelers opting for self-catering safaris, such as camping or staying at rest camps with shared kitchens, can save on meal expenses by preparing their own food. Alternatively, dining at park restaurants, though less lavish, offers budget-friendly meal options, with an average cost of around $10 per meal. Packing snacks and drinks can further reduce expenses. Conversely, luxury accommodations often include all-inclusive meal packages, with fixed prices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, albeit at a higher cost.

Guided vs. Self-Guided Safaris

Kruger National Park can be explored through either guided or self-guided safaris, depending on travelers’ budgets and preferences. While self-guided safaris offer flexibility and cost-effectiveness, guided safaris led by professional guides provide invaluable insights and enhance the overall experience. The cost of a professional guide ranges from $20 to $100 per day, depending on factors such as expertise and additional services like translation. Tour agents typically include guide services in their safari packages, albeit at a higher total cost. Travelers seeking a balance between cost and experience may opt for self-guided safaris.


Kruger National Park welcomes visitors year-round, offering diverse wildlife encounters and breathtaking landscapes. However, the best time to visit depends on individual preferences and budget considerations. Travelers seeking optimal wildlife viewing opportunities may favor the dry season from June to September, while those prioritizing cost-effectiveness may opt for shoulder or low seasons. Whether embarking on a guided safari or exploring independently, Kruger National Park promises an unforgettable adventure for nature enthusiasts and safari aficionados alike.

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