African Safari from America

African Safari from America

African Safari From America – Embarking on an African safari from the United States might seem overwhelming due to the extensive distances and intricate flight arrangements. However, with the increasing interconnectedness of the world, what once appeared daunting has become more manageable.

Modern technology has simplified the process of organizing your entire safari adventure online, including communication with your ground handler in Africa at any hour. Despite Europe’s geographical proximity to Africa, North America faces greater distance, making flights to Africa less direct and speedy.

This article delves into the nuances of planning an African safari from America, focusing particularly on flight logistics. It aims to provide valuable insights and a solid foundation for navigating the complexities of traveling to Africa for a safari getaway.

The duration of a flight from the USA to Africa varies depending on the specific departure and arrival locations within both continents.

Indeed, the duration of the flight depends on the departure and arrival points within both continents. For instance, if departing from the west coast of America (LAX) versus from New York (JFK), the flight times will differ. Similarly, travelers heading to destinations like Morocco or Egypt will spend less time in the air compared to those going to Zimbabwe due to variations in distance.

In the context of East Africa, where our operations are based, a flight from North America typically ranges between 14 and 23 hours. This duration varies depending on your departure location and whether you opt for a direct route or connect through Europe or the UAE.

For instance, a direct flight from Atlanta or New York to Nairobi typically lasts around 13 hours. Alternatively, if you choose to connect through Europe, the flight from Los Angeles International Airport to Amsterdam lasts approximately 10 hours, followed by an additional 8 to 10 hours to Nairobi or Kampala.

Flights with multiple layovers may extend up to 50 hours due to longer stopovers. However, the upside is that these flights are often more budget-friendly, and they may afford you the opportunity for brief explorations in other countries during your layovers.

How Long Is From America To Uganda?

Typically, flights from the USA to Uganda span between 14 to 25 hours. Routes with layovers in the Middle East generally offer shorter travel times compared to those with layovers in Europe. Additionally, flights departing from New York tend to be quicker than those originating from Los Angeles due to differences in distance.

When planning your journey to Uganda, it’s important to recognize that not all travelers will commence their flights from major international airports like JFK, LAX, or ATL. It’s crucial to account for the duration of your initial connecting flight. If you’re working with a travel agent, they can provide you with various options and assist you in determining the precise time it will take to depart from your home and arrive in Uganda.

For travelers originating from Europe, the flights to Entebbe are generally shorter, with fewer stopovers along the way. This advantage is owed to the geographical proximity between Europe and East Africa, resulting in more direct flight paths and reduced travel times. Whether you’re flying from a major hub or a smaller airport, thorough planning and coordination with your travel agent can ensure a smooth and efficient journey to Uganda. By considering all available options and taking into account factors such as connecting flights and travel times, you can optimize your itinerary to arrive at your destination in Uganda with minimal hassle.

Best Airlines To Use From America To Uganda

Numerous well-known airlines and their partners offer flights to and from Uganda. When organizing your journey to Uganda, visit the website of your preferred airline for a wide range of flight options. Simply input your departure airport and Entebbe (EBB) as your destination airport to explore the available choices. This straightforward process allows you to easily select the flight option that best suits your travel preferences and schedule.

Certain airlines collaborate with local and regional partners to manage the final leg of your journey to Entebbe, ensuring a seamless transition and efficient travel experience.

Some Recommended Airlines to Use


Qatar Airways

 Brussels Airlines

KLM Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines


South African Airways

Turkish Airlines

 Etihad Airways

Kenya Airways


Egypt Air


How long should My safari In Uganda take?

African safaris vary in duration, ranging from as brief as 3 days to as extensive as 30 to 50 days. However, the majority of safaris typically span between 8 and 15 days, excluding international travel time.

The length of your safari is usually tailored to accommodate your schedule, budget, and interests. For those with limited time but a desire to witness attractions like mountain gorillas or the great migration, a 3 or 4-day safari is recommended.

Presenting a concise 18 Days Ultimate Uganda Safari, perfect for those with tight schedules or limited time. These brief excursions also cater well to individuals traveling to Uganda or neighboring countries for business, yet wish to carve out a few days for wilderness and jungle exploration.

If your schedule and budget permit, consider exploring multiple interests across more than one country, as there is a wealth of experiences to enjoy. Remember, your bucket list doesn’t have to be completed in a single trip. By embracing this mindset, you can plan an African safari that aligns perfectly with your preferences and desires. There’s no need to rush or feel pressured to see and do everything all at once.


Embarking on the journey of planning a safari can initially feel overwhelming, but the rewards it brings to your life experiences are immeasurable. We understand that you may have numerous questions, and we encourage you to engage with us at Kenlink Tours. With over 12 years of expertise in organizing and executing flawless safaris, you can trust in our wealth of experience to enhance your adventure.

Our approach involves working closely with you to address every detail, ensuring that your safari is tailor-made to suit your preferences perfectly. This way, your sole focus can be on relishing every moment, whether encountering majestic mountain gorillas or savoring freshly squeezed juice at your accommodation. Your responsibility will be to immerse yourself in every aspect, from the grandest to the smallest of moments.

For inspiration, you can explore the safari itineraries available on our website. Alternatively, simply reach out to us at Kenlink Tours, and we will eagerly begin crafting your safari package from scratch, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your desires and expectations. Let us transform your safari dreams into a remarkable reality.

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