3 Days Rwanda Gorilla Tour

3 Days Rwanda Gorilla Tour



Embark on a captivating 3-day Rwanda Gorilla Tour, an immersive journey into the heart of the Virunga Mountains. Discover the awe-inspiring beauty of Volcanoes National Park as you trek through lush forests to encounter endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. This unforgettable adventure offers a rare glimpse into the intricate lives of these majestic creatures, complemented by the chance to explore Rwanda’s rich biodiversity. With expert guides and breathtaking landscapes, this expedition promises an intimate wildlife experience and a deeper connection with the remarkable conservation efforts in Rwanda.


Day By Day Program.


Day 1: Arrival in Rwanda and Transfer to Volcanoes National Park.

Your 3-day gorilla tour in Rwanda begins with your arrival at Kigali International Airport, where you’ll be warmly welcomed by our experienced guide. After a brief introduction and orientation, we’ll embark on a scenic drive to Volcanoes National Park, located in the Virunga Mountains in northern Rwanda.

Upon reaching the park, we’ll check into our lodge or camp, nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes surrounding the park. Here, you’ll have some time to freshen up and relax before enjoying a delicious lunch, served with local Rwandan flavors.

In the afternoon, we’ll head to the park headquarters for a comprehensive briefing by knowledgeable guides and trackers. This briefing will provide essential information about gorilla trekking, including safety guidelines, gorilla behavior, and conservation efforts. You’ll also receive your assigned gorilla trekking group and be introduced to your trekking team.

After the briefing, we’ll embark on an exhilarating gorilla trekking adventure into the heart of Volcanoes National Park. Accompanied by experienced guides, trackers, and armed rangers, we’ll venture along rugged trails, traversing through dense vegetation and ascending into the misty mountains.

As we trek through the forest, anticipation builds, and soon we’ll catch our first glimpse of the magnificent mountain gorillas. Spending time in their presence is a truly humbling and awe-inspiring experience, as we observe their behaviors, interactions, and familial bonds up close. We’ll have the opportunity to take photographs, learn from our guides, and simply marvel at these incredible creatures in their natural habitat.

After an unforgettable hour with the gorillas, we’ll reluctantly bid them farewell and begin our trek back to the park headquarters. Along the way, we’ll reflect on the incredible encounter we’ve just had and the importance of conserving these endangered animals and their fragile ecosystems.

Day 2: Golden Monkey Trekking and Cultural Experience.

On the second day of our tour, we’ll have the opportunity to embark on a golden monkey trekking adventure in Volcanoes National Park. These playful primates are endemic to the Virunga Mountains and offer a unique wildlife viewing experience.

After an early breakfast, we’ll head back into the forest with our guides to search for the golden monkeys. As we trek through the lush vegetation, we’ll listen for their distinctive calls and keep our eyes peeled for signs of their presence.

Once we locate the golden monkeys, we’ll spend time observing their behaviors and interactions, capturing photographs, and learning about their importance to the ecosystem. Golden monkey trekking offers a fascinating insight into the biodiversity of the Virunga Mountains and complements our gorilla trekking experience from the previous day.

In the afternoon, we’ll have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in Rwandan culture with a visit to a local community. Here, we’ll learn about traditional Rwandan customs, participate in cultural activities, and interact with community members. This cultural experience provides a deeper understanding of Rwanda’s rich heritage and the daily lives of its people.

Day 3: Departure from Volcanoes National Park.

On the final day of our tour, we’ll bid farewell to Volcanoes National Park and begin our journey back to Kigali. Along the way, we’ll have the opportunity to visit the Genocide Memorial Center, where we’ll pay our respects to the victims of the 1994 Rwandan genocide and learn about Rwanda’s path to reconciliation and healing.

As we conclude our 3-day gorilla tour in Rwanda, we’ll carry with us cherished memories of our encounters with mountain gorillas and golden monkeys, as well as a profound appreciation for Rwanda’s natural beauty and conservation efforts.


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